Saturday, February 23, 2013

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Creative or not, you'll want to tell you're friends that you can now submit your own tutorials to be featured in the Create Change App. Visit and fill out a submission form! I'll be curating the raddest content so please be make sure you include not only a unique & well written how to but also great photographs. There's lots of buzz (*cough* like the mention in Inc Magazine) and I get emails every day wanting to know when the apps ready to launch... I promise we're getting close!

If you're on Instagram you know what's the dillyo. But if you're not- guess what? Right now as I sit here typing, 10 woman around the world are testing out my patterns!!! Are you ready to create change? These downloadable PDF patterns are calling you to action to reuse & repurpose old tees.
There's something that has been pestering me for a while... my website. Or lack there of. I've had the domain or web address forever now. If you've been following my journey for a while now you'll know that single address has lead you to 1. My original wordpress cart, 2. My Etsy Shop, 3. My blog (right here), and then 4. Back to my Etsy Shop (About Page actually)

It's like a warp of the sisterhood of the traveling pants, I don't know. None of them feel right for me. Because to me, TrashN2Tees is more than just another Etsy shop, it's more than just a blog- and I've been feeling really self conscious about it. (Does that seem silly?) Especially when sharing my brand with companies like Pellon and Lee but also when I pitch to Toms, Parents Magazine, or anywhere else. I mulled over my options, went back and forth on getting a bad ass fancy pants custom site... and here is what I've settled on. Click it---->

Monday, February 18, 2013

Inhabitots features TrashN2Tees

Have you heard of Inhabitots yet? Their mission is to provide parents and others with babies and young children a resource for exploring and researching modern, sustainable, healthy design for kids. and.... today they've featured TrashN2Tees!!
 -> Read it now: TrashN2Tees Fun and Funky Clothes for Boys Made Using 100% Reclaimed Materials 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

If you're ready to step up and spark- Watch this. (video)

You know those moments in your life when you've experienced something that is life changing. Maybe its an ah-ha moment or an unexplained connection with the universe. Have you ever opened your eyes and knew you were where you're supposed to be in that moment?

If so, consider yourself lucky. All too often we are beings simply walking through the world- just doing enough to get by. It's a shame knowing that there is so much untapped potential out there. Don't waste your genius. I'm begging you. Are you ready to step it up and spark? Watch this video to find out. 

Last year I won the scholarship to the Spark: Creative Entrepreneur Retreat in Santa Fe, NM. My journey really started the day I took the first step and decided that I was going to apply... maybe not. Maybe it started the day I sent in my application. I brainstormed a Top 30 Reasons I should go to Spark list. And followed it up with my Human Sparkler Inside a Box video submission, where I filmed a 3 minute video of me spilling my guts about being creative, finding your way, losing you way, climbing outside of the box and the desire to be reignited.


My experience at last years retreat, the connections, resources, and skills I gained have profoundly (like life changing people!) altered the way I view my business and my value my work. I returned from New Mexico and started changing the world. 

Big audacious dreams I had: began happening and are continuing to happen on a grand scale because I found a core support system, confidence, and guidance I needed. Sure in the scheme of things, the big ideas & hard work were my own. But I attribute much of last years success directly back to my Spark experiences. You are dying to ask me how aren't you?
  • I wasn't as scared to take big risks. Yes, I still get sweaty palms before hitting send on big pitches and get fancified before making phone calls. BUT I KNOW the benefits of what could possibly happen are far greater than never asking/collaborating/calling at all.
  • It took practice but I am able to clearly articulate what I do, what I am in less than 10 seconds. ((I am a repurposing revolutionary changing the way we consume and create.))
  • I took my business offline and diverted more than 20 tons of clothing from our landfills.
  •  I rebranded TrashN2Tees (with the help of Jessika Hepburn) and went from inspiring you to consume less and recycle more to calling you to action to change the way we consume & create. This ties in with the taking biz offline (and into local community) but also has been the backbone for product development & future opportunities. 
  •  I got me a passport. (So I can visit with Spark Alumni in Canada eh) 
  • Spark made me realize that I had so much more to offer. (see next dot) 
  • My whole life, I’ve always looked at things & automatically wondered how I can contribute and make a difference. How can this be bigger, better, amplified, successful, brighter, stronger, happier, worthier? For a long time I viewed this trait as a character flaw. I’d catch myself asking questions like, “who do I think you are?” The truth is, this ‘flaw’ has always been one of my greatest strengths & assets. One that I am embracing.
  • Cheers to collaboration, I've worked with 6 of the amazing ladies post retreat and keep in touch with almost all of them on a weekly/daily basis. 

What I need you to know, is that an experience like this is priceless. It's not a band-aid fix to pacify your creativity or your business. You will not stop talking about it in 6 months. It can (and will) change your life. If you're open and ready to do great things- you don't know where to start or you're scared, I know it's overwhelming. I know there is uncertainty.  But I also know you can do it. Please consider attending Spark, or contributing to the scholarship fund.

And if you're not in a position to either, reach out to me and tell me how can I support your greatness. Let me give you that gift, as I've been lucky to receive so many from the universe.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homemade Lollipop Recipe- Last Minute Valentines Day Idea

It's 5am on February 14th- and I woke up in a mini panic that I didn't have 'special' Valentines ready for the boys. Apparently my before coffee brain thinks candy conversation hearts are just not enough. My homemade lollipop recipe is just the thing for an easy & fun last minute gift idea this Valentines Day or any day for that matter!

You'll need: 
  • lollipops or other hard candies (we used dum-dums, jolly ranchers, and lifesavers)
  • meat mallet or hammer 
  • baking pan covered in foil (I used wax paper for this tutorial but recommend foil) 
  • lollipop sticks 
  • sprinkle toppings optional 
1. Unwrap and sort candy by color 
2. Smash the heck out of them with a hammer of sorts

3. Using the cookie cutters to form shapes approximately 1/2″ inch thick (1cm) or appease your inner rebel and freestyle.  Tip: Be sure to space the shapes 2 inches apart they’ll spread + you need room to add the sticks

Go on, get carried away with sprinkles like Tristen (my 3yo) did!
4. Bake for 15 minutes at 250 degrees
5. Remove from oven & attach the sticks quickly by carefully rolling in the end of candy. Add sprinkle toppings if your heart desires.

Allowing the lollipops to cool was the hardest part! We had a blast creating our custom candies and the possibilities are endless.

Okay so don't panic- there's still time to rock out amazing DIY Valentines for the kiddos. Here are a few more of my favorite ideas:

Valentines Day Magnet Printables from

Valentine Scrabble Grams from Oh Happy Day!

Printable Coupons from Mommy By Day Crafter By Night

Looking for more DIY gift ideas? Follow TrashN2Tees on Pinterest.  The Homemade Lollipop Recipe was originally shared on Oh My Handmade Goodness during our Kitchen Party theme last August.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Are you making a difference: How do I tell?

SacredandProfane on Etsy
Creative activism, parenting, philanthropy, volunteering, teaching, lobbying, petitions, boycotts- making a difference comes in many forms. We're working to make the world around us a better place. Wondering what type of change maker you are? Take the quiz on Story of Stuff.  (post a comment below I'm extremely curious to know you're results) 

We all want to know that our efforts are in fact creating a positive change. But how can you tell? Today I'm sharing some tips on Story of Mum. Please drop by and find out How Do You Measure Making a Difference? and don't forget to share it with your change maker friends too!

And in case your wondering, that quiz says I'm a Communicator.
Communicators like you tell the stories and share information that build our power, bring us closer together and closer to a better future. Here’s how:

  • Using your creativity and expression to share knowledge in compelling and accessible ways, whether through art, film, oratory, music, online or innumerable other ways.
  • Reminding people about all the ways we’re connected.
  • Spreading news, information and ideas to other Changemaker Personalities.

Friday, February 8, 2013

So that happened...

Taking a prompt from one of my all time favorite people, Alexandra Franzen... and paired with the fact that I've been a little lackadaisical about blogging to tell you what's been happening. Trust me there's blog content spewing out everyday around here- whether its my undertaking of an avant garde fashion show competition (which uh ended up looking more like Leave It To Beaver's mom style) or that I shared a beer earlier this week with Colleen Attara and Yuka Yonda. Psst... Are we connected on Instagram? That's where I share all the juicy pictures. You can follow via computer as well- ( 
Colleen and me (Hiii!)
Dismantled mens windbreaker to skirt = zero on the avant garde scale
So yeah... that happened.

Today I found out that I've been impersonated on Twitter
This is me. 
This is NOT me.
Peachy right? Who does that??? Who. 

I made some stuff. (surprise)

Gift for a friend & first time using those gem thingys! 
Refashioned a mens shirt- to this. Like it?
 Sew Beastly featured TrashN2Tees in her Valentines Day round up. There's still time to pick up something for your sweetheart- and if you need inspiration Citlalli's post is a must read! 

Ooh and The DIYU: School for Crafting Misfits logo is finished- We'll be kicking off that blog series in March with a slew of ultra rad guests. Each week they'll share basic DIY skills, concepts, and tools of the trade with a project that you can try yourself. How to's for sewing, wood working, embroidery and jewelry making are in the works and all forms of creating are welcome. I'm hoping to empower you with crafting superpowers and inspire everyone change the way we create + consume. We'll round up the series with a jackpot giveaway complete with goodies so you can show off all those fancy new skills. I mentioned it starts March 1st didn't I? 

Valentines Day is next week, directly followed up by my day of birth- Feb.15th Hooray! If you haven't already- better get started on your Lego Man Love Tshirt. You can find the pattern right here for free. 

I've got a few other goodies up my sleeves, but totally curious to know- what's up with you? Finish this sentence in the comments below: So that happened...


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