Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cupid's Wings Applique Tutorial

There aren't many things sweeter than chubby cheeks, cloth diapers, and cupid wings- are there? Mildly missing the days when my own caped crusaders were pint sized. These days they're way too cool to be wearing wings- well that's according to Sam. I've been in a wild frenzy of sewing and shipping out I Heart Mom and Dad tees but wanted to spread even more love by way of cupid! Here's a free template and tutorial for making wings using reclaimed fabric and t-shirt.

Click to Download TrashN2Tees Cupid's Wings Applique Template 

What You'll Need: 
Scrap Fabric (I used lace curtain panels for the finished one and a white tshirt for step by step photos)
Heavy Weight Interfacing (I used Pellon 71F Peltex®)
Thick Quality Felt

1. Trace and cut out your wings. (If using felt skip to 4)

2. Using iron fuse to your fabric. Trim to size. Sew edges.

3. Place on back of shirt and pin. Be sure that your wings are no lopsided and that you are pinning through the wings and only 1 layer of tshirt.

4. Imagine the wing span divided into 3. Following along the wing shape stitch down the middle 1/3 of the wings.
Tell me in the comments below, how will your spread the love this month? 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fresh Off The Scissors

It's just about time to fill our tummies with conversation hearts and chocolate kisses. What better way to tell the world that your little ones heart belongs to Mom? (or Dad)
You'll find a shirt in every size- with colors ranging from heather gray, navy blue, and black.  

Head over to the shop to buy yours today!

Customer Photograph (2013) - Please do not use without consent.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Be you. #BoldBrilliantBeautiful YOU!

Here we are, January 10th two-thousand-and-fourteen- I'm reeling with more mastermind plans for world domination, personal proclamation, and quietly accepting the sobering truth that soon I'll be thirty. It's just a number I know, but... this year feels different.

Different can be good. better. quieter. slower. and full of intention. Different means more Saturday morning, snuggles, small celebrations, selfish sewing, and less hot dogs.

I've come a long way... a real long way. Many of you know bits and pieces of my journey from motherhood and business. What you don't know about broken promises and hearts that have lead me here. My dear friend Jackie, she never fails to remind me that I'm a survivor.

These are stories that we don't choose to share. Buried emotions and broken bits we may wish to forget. I have been abused and taken advantaged of by people I loved the most. I've been abandoned, more than once. The first time I was forgotten at a grocery store- the next time I was dropped off on the door step of a woman I didn't know and left there until I was old enough to leave. I've been homeless. I've sought sanity in the bottom of a bottle. I've had moments of weakness that literally haunted my memories in the form of regrets- for a really long time. There has been depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Hitting rock bottom became the foundation that I built my own life. I had to let go of other peoples expectations and break out of boxes I allowed myself to hide in. I needed permission to be vulnerable. This journey has been tightly woven into my creative outlets, building a business that gives back, and the becoming a brilliant bold and beautiful woman I strive to be. It's a work in progress, but I know that every single experience has lead me to this moment and fed my soul.

Jessika Hepburn shared this song with me a few years ago and I hope that it might become an anthem of yours for 2014.
And I've got myself a new mantra
It says don't forget to have a good time
Don't let the sellers of stuff power enough to rob you of your grace
 I'm joining a group of amazing woman who are making a vow to support, inspire, and empower ourselves and others to be bold and step out from behind the lens, projects, and mama status to show real ourselves. We're doing something just for us. Will you join us? Each of us are bold, beautiful, and brilliant in our own right- it's high time we stand up and claim the awesomeness. Don't let sellers of stuff power enough to rob you of your grace.

Let everyone know you're joining in by sharing a photo of yourself with the hashtag #boldbrilliantbeautiful on instagram and twitter. search the hashtag and visit these blogs to find other women like you, looking to make 2014 their best, most authentic year yet!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resizing Your Lumberjack Hat

If there was ever a good time to hunker down, grow a Grizzly Adams beard, and bundle up in sherpa fleece and lumberjack fabric- it would be this week! The frigid temperatures have kept everyone inside and prolonged the (anticipated for me at least) return to school and normal functions across the country. Sounds to me like a perfect time to get behind the sewing machine!

Today on We All Sew you'll find my free one-size-fits-most downloadable PDF pattern for the Lumberjack Hat. It's a quick and easy hat that takes less than an hour to whip up- hooray for raw edges and sweet baby smiles.

The pattern I shared comfortably fit all the kiddos at the launch party from 3-8 year olds and I've been known to wear it myself... but what happens when you want to make custom or wee bit sized hat for babes? Well, there's math for that.

Break out your trusty tape measure and  measure around the widest part of lucky wearers head (around forehead)

Add 1-2 inches to your original measurment; taking into consideration the fabric stretch, the bulk of your sherpa, and how tight you want the hat

Now, when you cut your cap pieces {top and side pieces} you want the finished circumference of the bottom of the cap to equal this number.
Are you still with me?

So if we're constructing a hat to fit a 20" head. The top strip width is 4.5 inches. Side piece width is 6.5 inches. The strip (x2 you're counting the front edge/back edge). There are two side pieces.

(4.5 in. x 2) + (6.5 x 2)= 22 inches

Subtract the seam allowances which should always be 2 inches if you always sew quarter inch seam allowances.  Here's how the seam allowances breakdown:
Subtract a 1/4" at each seam per piece. There are four seams and two pieces of fabric losing a quarter inch at each seam.
.25 x 4 x 2 = 2 inches

And waaaa-lah! Your finished circumference is 20". 

You can pick up the exclusive Lumberjack Attack fabric here.
Stop by TrashN2Tees Shop for more bearded swag like the DIY Plush Kits and tees!
Handmade wooden axes and hatchets available here.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Card Wine Glass Markers

Today was the boys first day back to school since winter break- my plan was to soak up the silence, write out class descriptions for Craftcation, and dye fabric. However I love distractions (and procrastination) so when my friend Ron emailed me about creative reuse ideas for Christmas decorations my brain did it own thing. Sitting in front of me I have a luke warm cup of coffee (whoops forgot to drink it!) and a note book full of ways to reinvent your Christmas decorations so that they can be used all year long!

Personally, I've already put my holiday decorations away and including the lights ornaments and nick nacks I only filled 1 tote. I don't think I'm a minimalist? My general approach is to reuse my general home decor with seasonal updates and re-multi-purposes. Did you see that iron on deer applique video I shared on instagram?

One super quick easy and I'm a little biased... dare I say brilliant ways is to cut up those fancy holiday greetings into wine markers.

Trace the foot (aka as base) of your wine glass. Cut it out. The center circle cut out on mine measures 3/4" but I totally eyeballed it. Cut a slit to allow you to put on or take it off your glasses. Bam! Done. Now you just need an excuse to call your girlfriends over for wine and share the joyful greetings all year long. (Bonus: You can write a small note on the reverse side as a reminder of who sent the wishes/year and laminate for longer use! I thought this would be such a fun idea for those larger family gatherings too!)

Have you finished putting away all of your Christmas decorations yet? I'd love to hear any ways you reuse your holiday decor through out the year and will be sure to share a few more of my own ideas soon! Post a comment below and don't forget to share this with your friends!


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