DIYU: Transfer Photo or Drawing to Embroidery Pattern

Hello Everyone! I am so happy to be back at DIY University. I am learning so much! Thank you Jenelle for having me. Its been a blast! If you missed my last post, you can read it here: Learn Basic Embroidery Stitches. Today I am going to share with you how to take a drawing and transfer it to fabric in preparation for embroidering. You could do this with your own drawing, or a child’s (how cute would that be?!)

Let’s get started! Here’s my process for getting a drawing ready. (If you are not into drawing your own design that’s totally cool because there’s tons of great PDF designs you can purchase on line-usually under $10.00-and print them at home-super simple!)

 First I do a little internet search for photos. I wanted to draw a poodle but needed a reference for her position (and my own little poodle wasn’t going to model for me).
 I found one I liked! Isn’t she cute?!

next I just do some quick sketches to capture her gesture–I stay loose here

When I come up with one I like I continue to fine tune using my light box. Don’t have a light box? You could use a sunny window as well-just tape your images to the window. (I wasn’t happy with her mouth-I decided I wanted a more serene look on her face.)

When I’m all ready with a final sketch I get my fabric ironed (a sturdy cotton will do)

then I lay it over my sketch on my light box. (again you could use a sunny window, just tape your fabric in all four corners so that it lays smooth)

I knew I wanted to frame her in a wooden embroidery hoop so I just laid that on top to make sure she was the right size. (If your design is not the finished size you would like it to be, just use your copier-or local copy shop-to shrink or enlarge it. Then you are ready to go!) 
Next I use my transfer pen to transfer my design to the fabric. (If you’ve purchased a PDF pattern online this is a super duper easy way to transfer the design to fabric.)

then I just trace the design onto the fabric-ohmygoodness, isn’t she cute?!
now just pop that sucker in your embroidery hoop and start stitching!
hmmmm, I wonder where I get my inspiration?
Here is a quick guide to the stitches I used for miss priss (these are the stitches I use most often in all my embroidery patterns)

Here she is all finished! They are out for a nice walk on a spring day.
So what do you think? Are you ready to tackle this DIY? Have any questions? Feel free to ask away in the comments-I’m happy to help!

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 Thanks Heather! I'm so glad you're as excited about creating change & DIYU series that you've joined us for a follow up post. I'm happy to have you here for a second round of embroidery how tos. How sweet is that little pooch of yours!? Hmm, wonder where you're finding the inspiration.
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