No Sew Simple Skirt Tutorial

 The warm weather has arrived and I'm taking off my pants. Oh? You wanna join the fun too... well today I'm sharing a super easy no sew skirt tutorial. Go grab an old tshirt, a pair of scissors and one safety pin. With 3 snips of the scissor we'll transform it into an ultra comfy, one size fits most, casual summer skirt!

 Fold your tshirt in half, cut a straight line from armpit across

 Your second cut will be a 1" strip 

 Pull the 1" strip taut, this will become the drawstring for your simple skirt (cut loop to make 1 long string)

  Snip a small opening on inside bottom hem of tshirt (Hint: Be sure to not cut through both layers!) 
Feed drawstring through hem, and put on your new skirt!

I figured I'd go all out with the no sew tshirt upcycles today and paired my finished skirt with a refashioned tee halter inspired by this tutorial on The Ultimate Upcycled Tshirt Tutorial List. The Simple Skirt is my go to for hot summer days or when I'm having a "nothing fits right" kind of day. 

Here's one of my favorites, a variation of the Simple Skirt that includes pockets! Want to add a pocket to your No Sew Skirt- tutorial added! Will you join me for a summer full of simple skirts & pants-less-ness?


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