Adding a Pocket to Your No Sew Tshirt Skirt

The no sew tshirt skirt is a summer staple: comfortable, casual, and oh so versatile! Have you tried it yet? Whether you're creating a few for yourself, some friends, or the little girls in your life- adding a pocket will give you a chance to play around. Utilize a screen print or logo to show off your team spirit, support a cause, and add a little kick to style. It does require minimal sewing. Need help with that? Here's a video.

You'll Need: 
1 Tshirt (or scrap material)

1. Measure your tshirt scrap (or create a template) 10" wide by 8" high
2. Fold rectangle in half vertically. Mark and cut a 3" arc out of the corner through both layers. Unfold it and center right side out in the middle of your no sew skirt.
Pin into place.

3. Using a running stitch or zigzag: sew along the top, bottom and sides of pocket. (Be sure to remove pins as you go along!)

This template can be used to add a pocket to a variety of upcycled tshirt designs including hoodies, tshirts, halters, totes and more! For more tutorials on repurposing your tshirts visit The Ultimate Upcycled Tshirt Tutorial list and lets connect on Pinterest.


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