Business Lessons I Learned in Nature

If you're following TrashN2Tees on Instagram then it's no surprise that I love getting out in nature. We're constantly fishing, hiking, camping (not yet this year!) and adventuring into the wild unknown and I share some of those adventures on IG.

Most recently I learned the importance (first hand) of sunscreen. Yeeeouch! I swear my olive skin never burned as a kid- maybe it has something to do with old age (?!) or the depleting ozone?

I decided if I ever do something worthy of a memoir it might be titled Business & Bug Spray. Head over to Oh My! and read my latest post that shares the same name, it's a field guide to business & nature! Dealing with discomfort, pitching a tent, what to do when it rains, and leaving no trace are all parallels in nature/biz. I hope it serves as a valuable reference to guide + remind you of all the great adventures that await for you and your handmade business.

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Are you adventuring this summer? Whether you're adventuring into the woods, climb the highest mountains, or simply float down stream (metaphorically or physically) I'd love to hear about it. Tell me more in the comments below.


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