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The First Cleo Skirt

Yesterday I carved out time to try a new pattern! I love the idea of buying others pattern designs and building my handmade wardrobe. But, I generally have a harder time following someone else directions! I'll admit that I all too often start off following a pattern and then half way through throw it out the door and wing the rest. I do this, not because I think I know best, but because I get to a point in the pattern where I literally can't make sense of how it will piece together. That uncertainty spins me into a mental frenzy and I bail.

However, I don't recommend this practice. By winging it you're missing out on the magic of seeing and understanding how garments can be constructed beyond your own ideas.

As I type this, I'm certain that a few failed sewing pattern attempts have jaded me. Have you ever purchased an indie pattern that made no sense? Or was poorly produced, written, or just plain ass backward? (Raised hand) I have. Just like with anything you buy…

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