Memorial Day Quilt

Art is a healing force. It is powerful. Art banishes fear. ART IS FREEDOM. Art says what is in our hearts. Art can wrap itself around you and bring comfort. Art is courage. 
Art sings Halleluja! 

Last week's escapades included creating an improv scrappy quilt along with my Sam. We spent some time browsing the internet looking at the evolution of the American flag and he chose what design he wanted to create. Using a soft fusible interfacing on bottom we mapped out the layout for flag. The scrappy bits ranged in various sizes and weights were laid out, ironed to fuse, and later quilted.

We both enjoyed spending this time together but I also found it as a great way to talk with him about Memorial Day and the sacrifices others have to make to protect our freedom. Jessica of Quilty Habit happens to live nearby and dropped off several bags of small scrap fabrics which we were happy to start using up. (I had planned to use them for making more bubble wrap fabrics!)

Art can bridge generations. Art educates.  Art inspires. Art changes how we view the world. Leave a comment below and finish this sentence... Art is/can______. 


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