New Series: Circus Flea Diary

Our family spends many weekends and weekdays thrifting, antiquing, or hunting found treasures. Each one of us has a unique eye for unearthing the stories and adventures that are attached to second hand finds. Sam has a large collection of vintage toys, comics, and coins. Nick, he will drag home anything related to industrial, farming, and local history. I, naturally, seek out one of kind clothing pieces, linens, and that (inevitable) antique sewing that seems to always follow me home. I thought it would be fun to chronical our finds and share the stories behind them. In future posts I'll delve into our favorite places to pick, tips on shopping second hand, and how to display your finds without looking like a hoarder!

Undisclosed location, believe it or not- the only thing we bought here was a pair of blacksmithing tongs. 
As I look around our home, I'm pressed to find more than a few items that were actually bought new from a store. Our house is adorned with vignettes everywhere- I can't get enough but it also offers me a little oasis to showcase these special items that seem to have become part of our family. It does sound a bit cheesy, I'll admit it... but I sometimes feel like it is our responsibility to protect the craft, the art, the heritage that is attached. I'm a romantic that way. Do you love shopping second hand, digging through thrift stores, or browsing the occasional estate sale? What has been your best buy ever tell me in the comments below-


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