Projects I Love This Week

There aren't enough hours in the day to DIY all the projects of my dreams. This week I am picking 3 of my favorite DIY's (I wish I were making myself) from the world wide webbernet.

Might be a subliminal message that I'm drawn to this one- but I'm pretty sure I've lost 3924802 hours of sleep between the kids and more recently our dog. Learn how to sew this felt sleeping mask from (You'll need to tap into Google Translator!)

After a short nap, everyone needs cake! I'm the first to admit that I cause fire and concern in the kitchen but- remember I said I wish I were making these. Who wouldn't want a Russian Nesting Doll cake!?!? Get the complete DIY on The Cake Blog.

Lastly, learn how to sew this easy tie strap top (perfect upcycle project if you ask me!) Hooray for onecrafdiygirl and tutorial videos:

In all fairness, I know I said I would share 3... but it's been unseasonably warm here and I've been living at the pool and wearing my no sew skirt as a cover up. It counts because I already made it. What projects are you hoping to start or finish this week? 


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