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Card from Cool Jane
 It's been a long time coming, but finally- I have (mostly) ironed out the foundations for the TrashN2Tees newsletter which will be called The TrashN2Tees Briefs! Ahh yes, I hope it made you giggle a little too. The bi-weekly newsletter will be delivered right to your inbox (if you opt in) and I promise, cross my heart, pinky swear that I will not ever give out your email address or clog your inbox with self promoting spam.

What you will get is 1.) Awesome content full of eco friendly ideas 2.) Cool news & happenings 3.) A little bit of TNT Goodness

If you have an idea you'd like to see featured in The Trashn2Tees Briefs, I'd love to hear it. Are you looking to discover fun and unique Etsy shops? Peek in on my Pinterests? Get special codes and coupons for the shop? I can totally do that. Let me know what YOU want to see.


  1. I love their faces; you can send me briefs any kind any time! You rock!

    1. Hey Pegg! :) So excited to have you as a customer and fan- you're always so supportive and funny! Thank you!


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