My April Blaze & SOS for Buttons

Just when I thought things were cooling down around here, April has sprung me into a whirlwind of awesomeness on my plate. There are a ton of cool things going on behind the scenes here, and I promise I'm not trying to keep secrets! Do you ever wish for a clone? That's me, right now. Time to dish up & dig in.

 Last month I submitted my Human Sparkler Inside a Box video to be considered for the Spark Retreat Scholarship, on April 2nd they announced the winner... and it was ME! I literally ran around my house like a lunatic, my heart was beating so fast I couldn't even speak a full sentence without having to stop & catching my breath. Just typing about it gives me goosebumps. The scholarship was funded by donations, words spoken nor typed could ever express my gratitude. I'm prepared to make up some new words though- so look out Webster.

I'll be flying to New Mexico in a little more than 2 weeks, I'm totally excited to get my spark on with the amazing woman who will be there. Do you need me to drop names? I will. I'm also trying hard to fight off any flight fears & kidlet separation anxiety. The person who Googles the best places to sit on an airplane in case of crash- yep, I did that. Lucky for me, my pal Ranon (maker of Rocky the Zombie awesomeness) is full of airplane flight safety/crash knowledge and I need to be sure to give her props for helping ease my fears. (psst. thanks!!)

No trip planning is complete without shopping! I need more shoes... so I snagged this lovely tutorial from Shoeology on Etsy and made these --->
They're awaiting some buttons, would you mind helping me find a rad pair? Preference: must be rad & 1" or bigger. I've also discovered sparkly Sanuks and I need them in every color. My undying love for the Sanuk brand must wait for another post though.

I've also been planning & crafting for Tristens 3rd Birthday... Jake & The Neverland Pirates Birthday Party! Maybe you've noticed all of the scallywag loot I've been tweeting. After thought: The handmade wooden swords were probably not the BEST idea Nick & I've had. But they look great & the boys love them... no ones lost an eye yet.
April, where did you go? I was really hoping to spend more time this month creating new items & stocking up for some local festivals- maybe in May? Time just slips away, I swear it does.

April happenings the cliff note version:
-check off 2012 goal, integrate video into shoppers buying experience  (reusable produce bags)
-pitched to awesome magazine & received email back earlier this week about possibly getting some press (love you HARO)
-hanging out @ local elementary school for Earth Day spreading some craftyness & recycling love
-I was interviewed & featured for Etsy Monday @ Ever wonder how I came up with the name TrashN2Tees? Where do I find inspiration? What is the coolest thing I've upcycled?

I'm sure that I've missed something but you can always keep up with my shananagins in real time by following TrashN2Tees on facebook, twitter, and instagram (my newest favorite toy!) If you have any traveling mom tips, flight anxiety remedies, or figured out how to clone yourself- comment below, because frankly, I need your wisdom.

:Edit: 5 minutes after posting this- I just found out that my TrashN2Tees Reusable Produce Bags have made the shortlist in the Rikrak Studio Handmade Olympics Favorite Eco Friendly Goodie Event! Be sure to head over vote!


  1. I have no wisdom for you. Sorry! I do know that you are going to be fine on your flight and you will miss your boys - but you're suppose to - cause you're a great mom!!! Nick knows he can call any one of us and we will gladly help him out. You got this!!

    1. Thanks Tina! Every time we talk about the trip Sam chimes in and says, "I know already, Mom! You're going to call me every single day!" haha darn tootin I am. I'm in the process of teaching Nick how to Skype or FaceTime too!

  2. Btw - do Sanuks fit really narrow feet??? Mine are soo skinny!

    1. Hmmm, I don't think I am qualified to answer this question! But I can go with you to try a pair on later this week if you want?

  3. Oh Jenelle, you are such a good mom. I on the other hand am so freaking excited to LEAVE my kids for the first time in ever and I might just not call...I think after 7 1/2 straight years of parenting they'll live without me for a week;) I am also anxious about flying and I am absolutely refusing to do any such Googling-my flight plan hinges on whether or not they serve margaritas on the airplane (do they?). I wish we could fly together!
    *see* you for realz, very very soon!

    1. Yesterday was one of those afternoons where the boys were "off the hizzy" (not sure if I used that phrase properly) I wanted to hide in a closet and rock myself! I am very very much looking forward to a few lonely quiet moments of solitude during the trip. Don't get me wrong!

      I'm fairly certain they won't be serving margaritas on board, but there will be bar/pubs scattered through out the airport- everyone will understand if you need to stop in one before boarding! 15 daysssssss! Can Not Wait!


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