Holiday Preview: Gifts from TrashN2Tees


Fancy video eh? I want you to give “good” gifts a new meaning this holiday season with earth-friendly, stylish items perfect for anyone on your list from TrashN2Tees. Every item is handmade using 100% reclaimed materials and offers a sustainable and affordable alternative to mass-market “mall” presents for a truly one-of-a-kind gift giving experience you can feel good about.
Giving gifts from TrashN2Tees goes so far beyond giving a quality, handmade product to someone you love, you are supporting a movement to change the way we consume and create. Your support will help add to the already 20 ton of clothing that TrashN2Tees has diverted from landfills. 

Did you catch that added bonus in the end of the video? Enjoy! I'll also be running a promotion starting in November- either Free Shipping on all orders over $25 or $10 Gift Certificates with every $50 purchase. Which is more enticing to you? I'd love to hear your thoughts & if you'll be running holiday promotions too please feel free to share them (along with your links) in the comments below.


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