Girl on the Up // Luri and Wilma Magazine

Seeing your work in print is really, really, exciting- I can't imagine how it felt to have your entire online magazine published & sold around the country. That's just the tip of the iceberg for the gang at Luri & Wilma Magazine! (Pick up a copy of their Spring Fashion edition) If you ask them to describe themselves this is what they say
"If you’re a free-spirited gal who thinks social awareness > celebrity gossip, rock a mean pair of vintage rose-colored glasses and oh, so love on some delish food – we know one thing, you should roll with us."

Yep, they're my kinda of people- which makes the fact that Luri & Wilma Magazine have named me a "Girl On The Up" a huge huge honor. I'm really blushing over here. Thank you! Click to read full interview here.


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