Oh, No you Donut! (Yes, I did.)

Bake at 350
 You can admit it, there are not many things that make you happy like rainbow sprinkles- am I right? For those of you who already know I've been hard at work finishing my first book; The T-shirt Revolution. (Now being honest- they'll probably change that title.) Anyway- all things rainbow sprinkled were on my mind already when a dear customer dropped me an email asking if I would be willing to work up two donut tees for her twins upcoming birthday party. Uh, yes and I think I'll make one for myself. And I did. But seriously these two are so stinking adorable! (Thanks Abbey for sending in a photo and tagging @TrashN2Tees on IG throughout the day! I loved 'being a part' of the day!)

TrashN2Tees Donut Tees // Customer Photo
I have no doubt that all the kids were buzzing around high on sugar and fun at this party- wish I could've been there! Now if only I could convince one of the boys to have a DIY donut themed party... we could do this:

Make a Donut Costume /Studio DIY
Make Donut Wood Wheels // ikat bag
Turn Cheerios into Donuts // Maison Cupcake

There are so many sweet (get it? hu huh huh?) tutorials  floating around I could stay here all day. My brain is swirling with ideas for a lavish donut bar- if you can come over and build your own donut anyway you'd like what would be on/in it? Mine would be drizzled with marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker crumbles- or maybe white icing with Frutti Pebbles?


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