Tipsy Tuesday: Sewing Spool Caps and Foam Discs

Every Tuesday I share tips to sew (#tips2sew) on Instagram. We've talked about investing in a walking foot attachment, adding moisture to brittle thread, and how to store rulers & cutting mats. This week I thought I would talk about those dohicky spool caps and foam discs that you might've noticed when unpacking a new machine. Of course every machine and package are different- but I'd take a guess that they could've been found in a plastic bag tucked in a table drawer or along with any additional sewing feet. 

Happy #tipsytuesday! When threading your machine do you use a foam disc & spool cap? It's importante to utilize these bits as they help reduce vibration and prevent your spool from moving around. 
1. Place foam pad on horizontal pin first (foam cushions spool) 
2. Next- the thread tail should come up over top of spool like a waterfall 
3. Then choose your spool cap depending on what size spool of thread you're using. 
4. Finally place the flat side if cap against spool on pin.


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