Knotty T-Shirt Ball Ornament

Here's a fun and creative way to use up any t-shirt (or fabric) scraps and transform them into bright festive holiday ornaments.  This project requires no sewing a kind can easily be done with kids of any age (just let the adults do the cutting!) Jersey knit fabrics, the same material that t-shirts are made of, are perfect to work with because they will not fray and require no finished to the raw edges.

You'll Need: 

T-shirt scraps (or any fabric scraps you choose) 
Scissors or Rotary Cutter 
Clear glass ornament balls (or clear ornaments of any shape) 

Note: If you choose to use any quilting or cotton fabric scraps for your knotty ornament please keep in mind that the edges will fray unless you use a fray check glue.

 1. Cut strips at least 1'' wide by however long your scrap material is. Jersey knit will tend to curl up (as pictured above) pull taut from both ends to create a string. This is the same process as if we are making t-shirt yarn.
2. Next you'll take the strings you created and tie them into knots. If your length allows try to fit more than 1 knot on each scrap.

3.  Cut knots into equal parts and repeat steps with your choice of colors.
4. Place knots inside glass ornament.  Add ribbon and embellishments to stem (top of ornament.)

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