Plant Flowers In Your Socks

Whether you believe in sock stealing trolls living under your washer or the myth of the monster washing machine- one thing is for sure we all end up with single socks. Instead of wearing mis-matched socks (which I see nothing wrong with!) or tossing them into the trash here's one quick and easy way to transform your fall flower pots into some spooky decor.

Step 1. Cut the sock just below the ankle creating a cuff- slip the cuff over a vase, flower pot, or mug.

That's it. Only one step. I used a kids tube sock to fit over a 6'' terracotta pot for the red mums. The smaller one is just slipped over the plastic plant container it came with. What do you think about this quick and easy way to dress up a potted container or vase? Have you tried it before?


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