I'm a BERNINA Brand Ambassador- What does that mean?

 Claude Dreyer CEO, Myself*, and Hanspeter Ueltschi Owner of BERNINA (2015)

 As I am nearing the third anniversary of my ambassadorship with the BERNINA company, I feel compelled to share what it entails & what this relationship means for me both personally and professionally. For those of you are aren't familiar with the sewing industry; BERNINA is 5th generation family owned Swiss company that manufactures the highest quality of sewing, embroidery, and quilting systems.

Long before I ever sat down and sewn a stitch on a BERNINA machine our relationship blossomed. Beyond the pride and precision they take from design to execution this company is the most sustainable sewing brand around. I contacted them directly to learn more about their initiatives both here in the United States and in their pristine factories of Switzerland. As you know, this is a sector I'm deeply passionate about. They are too and collaboration was born. I continue to be inspired by their practices and innovations.

How They're Made // Sustainability 

In close proximity to the Steckborn plant, machines are designed, developed, and prototyped cutting back environmental emission waste & maximizing the nexus which I believe lends itself to the undeniable quality of their products. The Steckborn plant recently was modernized in 2012 to be more eco-friendly and also changes were made to directly improve the work environment to be more ergonomic & easier. 

Machines have been produced at the Steckborn plant since 1890's and today some of the high end machines, parts, and presser feet are still manufactured there. BERNINA also operates a factory in Thailand which uphold the same company standards and policies. Employees there work in state of the art, air conditioned factories, are are paid above minimum wage. BERNINA employees are a vital part of my overall experience with company because it's family. Cliche as it sounds, but I've actually had the pleasure of spending time with people have worked within the company for 20, 30, 50 years. Okay, I realize that I probably sound like a walking advertisement but it's important for you to know what goes on behind the the fancy machines. It's important for you to know that I'm not being paid to tell you this, I'm not being paid to sew on a BERNINA. These views are my own. Just in case you needed a disclaimer. 

As a business owner myself, it is important to support organizations and brands who operate with not only our environment, but our future in mind. Whether it's the fact that they reinvest a large portion of cash flow into new developments, give back to communities around the world, or their mission is to create products that are used for generations to come. Transparency, authenticity, and the belief that we are always at the beginning, never at the end. Bottom line, our ethics and values align. These are the reasons why I loved BERNINA before.

Quality // Design // Legacy

There are so very many posts on the interwebs that will illustrate & validate why I love sewing on a BERNINA. Quality, innovation, consistency rise to the top of my mind immediately. Do you know that you have the option of receiving guide classes when you purchase or upgrade machines (or anytime if you contact a local dealer!) They're dedicated to teaching you & inspiring you to learn new techniques and masterfully create with ease. There's an accessible database available right on the website & app.  My relationship with BERNINA as a brand ambassador offers me the ability to contribute creative ideas to the We All Sew in exchange for a loan machine. However I've gained so much more than just that. If you're curious about the BERNINA sewing experience might I suggest a few of these testimonials: 
Sara Snuggarud How Sewing On A BERNINA Changed My Life 
Lola Pink Fabrics on her BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition
Mandy Leins loves her Q24 Long Arm Quilting Machine (video)

Family Values 

Family Matters. While my ambassadorship doesn't get me a round trip Switzerland it has opened up doors to an entire collective of people within the organization who have changed my life. I've found myself with opportunities to grow as a person, an instructor, and as a designer through this company and connections I've made there. From the educators to executives to the local shop owners most everyone you'll meet are approachable and down to earth. I love BERNINA because they've encouraged me (and so many others) to explore our passions. I'm here to change the way we consume and create, make things that matter, and leaving a lasting legacy for others. My relationship with BERNINA is a reflection of those beliefs and values, together we embark on creative endeavors that may push the status quo through innovation, hard work, and exceeding expectations. Because neither of us settle for hearing, "This is the way we've always done it." 

Please share your BERNINA love with me in the comments below. What other companies or brands do you support because of their values and ethics?  

*Arizona T-shirt Ball Gown Designed & Sewn by Angela Johnson


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