Repurposed Heart Pendants From Upcycled T-shirts

Aren't we always looking for new and creative ways to capture our favorite memories? Whether you're an avid seamstress and fabric hoarder, trendsetting fashionista, scrapbook queen, or a big mushy sap of a human like myself (or hey! perhaps you're all of the above!) Today I'm sharing a project that I originally published on the Pellon blog a few years ago. These repurposed and upcycled t-shirt pendants have created such a buzz among my friends and I'm always humbled to hear the stories behind how/why others have used theirs. I designed this as a quick and easy way to reuse scrap t-shirts left behind and you can also find some other clever scrap busting projects in my book The Upcycled T-shirt

You'll Need: 
T-shirt or Fabric Scraps
Needle and Thread
Jewelry Findings (Chains, bails, jump rings
E600 Adhesive or Hot Glue Gun

1. Cut t-shirt material (2 layers) and Pellon® Clear-Fuse® to the same size. Fold your Pellon®Peltex® in half and cut desired pendant shape. This will give you two exact shapes. My pendants are approximately 2 inches. I tested out different shapes including tear drops, rectangles, hearts, and circles.
2. Press Clear-Fuse® following directions. Tip: Let cool & be sure to remove clear plastic film before proceeding to Step 3.
3. Stack both Peltex® shapes on top of each other and place onto fabric. Tip: If you don’t have Peltex® on hand you could substitute with cereal box cardboard or the like.
4. Cover with second layer of t-shirt and press.
5. Use needle and thread to hand stitch around shape.
6. Cut out pendant shape.
7. Finish pendant either a jump ring or gluing a bail to back. Tip: I love the jump ring because it offers a little more versatility and you could use 2 different colors for a reversible pendant. 
Many of my tutorials offer you a creative way to curb waste and pollution, and inject a sense of color and wondering into our communities. Doesn’t it feel good knowing that you’re creating change? Be sure to tag your creations using #TRASHN2TEES and share with us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram. I'm looking forward to connecting with you there. 


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