October Meanderings & WIP

Somehow... even after all these years I can't get a grasp on October. The sleepy lull of summer bores me terribly but then, and always, October hits. It always hits hard. Suddenly I feel like I'm going 330 mph. We're only a few days into October and I've been more productive in the past 72 hours than I was all summer. Wanna see what I've been up to? (spoiler alert if you're following me on Instagram you might already know!)

Speaking of 330 miles per hour. We had a great day at the drag strip watching NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove. These guys and gals go. so. fast. It's really hard to put the experience into words but if you're into fast & loud engines or racing- I recommend seeing top fuel drag cars if you get the chance.

This week turned t-shirt waste into paper! Which was really cool- this had been a project I intended on trying out for quite some time. I picked up a thrift store blender so that I could create the pulp mixture needed- however the really cool antique blender I bought. Uh, well let's just say it was broken. Picture me plugging it in and immediately a slurry mess started projectile shooting out the bottom. No, if you're wondering I hadn't checked to make sure it was OFF before plugging it in. Lesson learned. Also: sometimes things are sent to the thrift store for a reason. No tutorial posted for this yet but maybe one to come. After I replace my blender!

Yesterday was spent- aging and weathering a perfectly good costume to make it look more authentic. To make my 7 year son... look more like a real. assassin. (sigh!) Which I suppose is a whole other blog post brewing. He's going to be cosplaying (and trick or treating) as Connor from Assassins Creed. It's a gamer thing- there's a whole deep story to it but essentially he's taking out people and robbing them. The mom in me, does not approve. Back to this costume: I used a variety of techniques all outlined in my IG Stories. Including but not limited to tea baths, cleaning the kitchen counter with it, baking the costume in an oven.

This month will be full of projects that I hope to start & finish before the holiday rush. What are you currently working on?


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