You're Invited Sewlebrity Event November 18th-20th

Pack your bags & head to Woodridge, Illinois to the award winning Quilters Quest! Spend the weekend surrounded by passionate quilters, seamstress, and crafters while learning new techniques and sewing on top of the line innovative BERNINA machines. Your weekend package includes 4 classes from nationally recognized instructors and bonafide BERNINA Ambassadors- including Joanne Sharpe, Cheryl Sleboda, Tracy Mooney, and myself.

We will be by your side to encourage you to push your creative boundaries while learning and/or trying something new! Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of a serger? I'll be there to help guide you and unlock the powers of a L450 (or L460!) In addition you'll get a chance to create mixed media sewing art with Joanne Sharpe, experience all the goodness of in-the-hoop embroidery with Tracy Mooney, and complete a stellar table runner with Cheryl Sleboda using heirloom sewing techniques.
Register today to ensure you have a spot in this VIP event November 19 and 20th:


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