Oh My Handmade Goodness New Year

If you follow @TrashN2Tees on twitter you may have caught word about Oh my! Handmade Goodness
Yes, its that awesome. I'm excited for 2012 and can't wait to see what is in store- I have a few new designs up my sleeves and once the warm weather returns I hope to be hitting the streets and spreading the TrashN2Tees love locally.  I promise to give Vlog (video blogging) another go and am currently brain storming some innovative ways to intergate videos into your shopping experience. Imagine this: me, lots of fruits and veggies, a reusable produce bag, and scale! Its on. Seeing is believing. Check back later this week for a complete list of goals. For now, I'd love for you to check out my submission to the Ultimate Entrepreneur Giveaway. My entry was inspired by my little black composition notebooks I cart around- you never know when inspiration will strike and I doodle designs and ideas often. Okay... all. the. time. I hope you'll enjoy it- 
View it here!


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