DIY: Iphone Wristlet

I had an awesome surprise from the mister this Christmas- a brand spankin new Iphone. Now let me explain that before this phone my outdated mobile device was a razor flip phone, not smart by any means. I've quickly fallen in love with the idea of having everything right in the palm of my hands- quite literally. We had discussed the benefits of getting a smart phone for the business... being able to accept credit cards at fairs, disable items listed on etsy as they sell at a venue, and lightning mcqueen responses to inquiries just to mention a few. 
But I was still really shocked when we actually got new phones! Now I've already outfitted my phone with an otterbox cover but wanted a safe wristlet/wallet to be able to carry my phone and cards. 
This was one of my favorite shirts- until it had a run in with dryer & an orange crayon. I simply outlined the phone over the chest pocket, cut it out- cut a length of hem to use as a wrist loop and added a zipper. It's cute and functional.

I hope you all had an awesome holiday season that was filled with some magical surprises. I'll have some fun announcements to share later on this week including the reveal of my newsletter (yay!) and the introduction of a new item to my jewelry line. I'm also working on a blog post with the best mom/wahm/biz apps- so if you have a favorite for work or play please share it below! I love hearing from you!
(sneek peek)


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