Upcycled Tshirt Notebook Tutorial

-Popsicle Stick
-Composition-style notebook or sketchbook (any book with a boardbook-style cover)
Make it:
1. Lay the book open on the T-shirt (arrange it over the featured logo or design). Cut through just one layer of the shirt, about 2″ outside the edge of the notebook.
2. Lay the T-shirt panel face down on your work surface. Apply glue liberally across the front cover of the book.
Spread a thin and even layer over the book cover using a popsicle stick. Be sure the glue reaches the edges, but avoid getting any glue on the pages.
3. Fold the T-shirt fabric over the front cover and press it evenly into the glue.
4. Flip the notebook and spread glue across the spine and back cover. Then pull the remaining T-shirt fabric over the back cover, smoothing any wrinkles. Let it dry. Optional: Press the notebook between heavy textbooks to keep it flat!

5. Trim the fabric around the edges of the book cover. Use glue to touch up any edges that are pulling away from the fabric.
I'm excited to publish this tutorial on my blog for the first time- it was originally featured in the Back To School (2011)  issue of Green Child Magazine. This is the perfect project for back to school or even a creative (or top secret) journal.


  1. What a great recycle/upcycle project!! I am goint to keep it in mind as a "back to school" project for my girls group. Thanks for sharing. Would love to have you join our weekly t-shirt link up every Tuesday at http://www.mytshirttalk.com

    Have a fabulous week!


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