Dear 2012, You can keep this.

From beginning to end, this past year has been filled with unthinkable opportunities. Not only have I networked and met amazing people- but I've done a fair share of stupendous things. For instance, we met the goal of diverting 20 tons of clothing in November- a month earlier than anticipated and tackled my Top Secret Plans to Change the World. I've dialed the phone numbers of Al Gore and Tom Szaky and even received an email from Seth Godin. TrashN2Tees was featured by Lee Jeans, Lifestyle & Charity Magazine, The Crafts Report, Green Child Magazine and even got a shout out in Erin Gile's Inc Magazine interview. I received the Spark Scholarship and was voted as one of the Leading Moms in Business by Startup Nation. And my vision for the Create Change App is happening.

That's a stuffed nutshell. Why is it then, that I still have this feeling that I'm not doing enough? and what the hell does "enough" even look like?

Dear, 2012- You can keep this self doubt, this feeling that I'm not doing enough. I'm excited for the new adventures 2013 brings, and there is no room for you. But with anything- there are lessons to learn. About this wavering self confidence: Thomas Chamorro argues that less confident people are more successful anyway. (I'm not sure I buy into that 100%)

I talked with a good friend of mine about this feeling, how it appears and disappears, and how I want to wake up everyday "in the zone." She admitted that she too feels the same way. I came home and wrote down the things I said to her, and would tell anyone. Now to take my own advice.

  1. Don't be inadequate. Accomplish more. Dream bigger.
  2. You are in control. Every moment that passes you decide what to focus your energy on.
  3. There are way too many opportunities in life to be part of someone else's failure and fears. 
  4. There are too many opportunities to be afraid. 
  5. Maybe you can't save the world but you can make a something better or do something really awesome.  
  6. Live with compassion for all people & things, starting with yourself. 
  7. Question everything. 
  8. Give & refuse anything in return.
  9. Say no.
There are too many opportunities to be afraid. That is jumping off the page at me right now. Anything jumping out at you? Cheers to the amazing things ahead for you my friends.


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