TrashN2Tees Top Secret Plans to Change the World

"There is a deeper fire burning inside- a mission to create, accomplish, inspire, conquer and save the world." -me

I shared that thought with you in my Spark Retreat Recap post, but I didn't share the top secret plans on HOW I was doing it.  I've been plotting, doodling, scratching out ideas, making important business phone calls, hanging out in my hammock day dreaming, skyping famous people, and taking action.  No, I'm not a super hero... I'm just me, but I believe 1 person can make a difference.  

Help me Grow- Answer my 10 Burning Questions

Here on the blog I share tips & tutorials that encourage and inspire you to consume less, and yes- I create a sustainable alternative to fun, cool, clothing & accessories in my shop TNTees- but now its time for action. This is how I'm doing it.
  • Grow TrashN2Tees Clothing Recycling - A version of TrashN2Cash on steroids! TrashN2Tees is now partnering up with several local recycling centers and charity based organizations to collect clothing & textiles to be recycled. These locations will provide drop off/collection for the communities in Central Kentucky. I will then collect the bales and bags of clothing & store them until I have accumulated several tons. (Whoa right?)  I reached out to Adam Baruchowitz of Wearable Collections (NYC) to tell him about what I was doing and crossed my fingers that he would have some advice. And boy did he ever! He's willing to send a truck all the way down to KY for pick up and processing in his facilities. Handling the back end of this operation also allows me to generate additional revenue which means we get to do more nice things for the world (not to mention the amount of clothing & textiles that we'll be diverting from the landfill!!) 

Photo/ Wearable Collections
  • Developing Iphone App- Surprise! I've kept this idea a little under the radar (unless you follow me on Twitter) With the help of Gianni Martire, co-founder & COO of Hotlist who has been a fast talking beam of inspiration & guidance - TrashN2Tees is in the process of developing this revolutionary Iphone App. The goal is to put genius, innovative, beautiful ideas and how to's at your  finger tips and inspire you to take action-  changing the face of recycling and maybe shed light on our consumption. *love a good epiphany* 
iPhone again
Flickr Creative Commons

  •   Community Events-   Hands on how to workshops and clothing swap events are now being scheduled. For more information about hosting a DIY Workshop or TrashN2Tees clothing swap event please email me at 
Stockholm Clothes Lines
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Epic awesomeness, right?  There are a few more tricks up my sleeve which include possibly rebranding TrashN2Tees + New Website + developing digital patterns + mucho more. I would really appreciate some feedback and hope that you might be willing to pass the bengay & shed some insight on a few burning questions I have. Got a minute? I created this Ten Burning ?'s Questionnaire. We all know I couldn't do it without your support!! I am asking you to share your honest views, debunk some myths, and maybe even sacrifice your iphone.

I would love expand on this conversation in the comments below (help brainstorm ideas for possible name change, new color schemes, website designs... do you want to purchase items from .com vs. etsy... these types of things) - your insight, ideas, and feedback are priceless as I spread my wings & find new ways to not only encourage and inspire you to consume less but hollar from the hill tops a call to action & create more opportunities to be a part of the change! Holy moly- I'm excited to reveal some of these revolutionary plans. Pressing "publish" now!



  1. Wow! I love your vision for not just making your business better, but diverting tons of textiles from landfill mania. I am very intrigued about your clothing swap ideas and community events. I am up in MN and also recycle t-shirts into rugs and accessories. It would be pretty neato if I were able to duplicate some of your ideas up here in the northland. Excellent manifesto. Have a great day.

    Leah of The Someday House (on Etsy)

    1. Hey Leah! After you mentioned MN I instantly had to re-read your comment with a Scandinavian accent! One of my goals for 2012 was to take action within my community. Much of my business/networking/impact has taken place on the world wide web- inspiring people on all corners of the world (I hope) but I wasn't taking action right HERE... where it will impact my own community & people I care about.

      Start small- you don't need access to a large auditorium to host a clothes swap. Round up your neighbors or a group of friends + tables & racks + take turns picking out a new item & donate/recycle the rest... I would add bbq & wine to amp up the good times! Another great way to get involved in your own community would be to start with your schools, summer camps, or local library- offer to come by and do a make & take project.

      If you have any other questions Leah, I would be happy to discuss some more of the logistics with you here, email, skype, or over the phone. Let me know what I can do to help you make a difference in your community & grow The Someday House!


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