This is how 3yr old Pirates Party.

Over a month ago my littlest dudeman, turned 3! We celebrated like any swashbuckling pirate would- with a Jake & the Neverland Pirates Party. I crafted up a storm, and had a blast doing it. The boys even helped along the way. 

Treasure Maps: Maker, Paper, Tea Bags

I used toys we already owned as props & decorations for some of the activities too! On the tables were Melissa & Doug Treasure Chests, Imaginext Pirate ships, and Playmobile Pirate Sets. Some of the activities included walk the plank, a sand table full of treasures (necklaces, fake coins, etc), miniature under the sea golf, and an inflatable bounce house!

Here is the progression of the "bomb the shark" toss game I created using cardboard, newspapers, and no-cook paper mache'. Which is actually just 2 parts water + 1 part flour. I have gobs of those multicolored ball pit balls- and spray painted about 15 black to make the bombs. The boys stood at different spots and launched their bombs trying to get a direct hit by landing inside the mouth. Needless to say it was a hit. The shark head now hangs emerging from a wall in the bedroom ready to attack! 

Every pirate needs a felt mustache! 
Birthdays always call for special TrashN2Tees themed tees too, remember Sammy's hot rod party? Our pirate tshirt bounty below. One for the birthday boy and one of me. Sam didn't want one of my shirts, and opted for a Jake tee from The Disney Store instead.

 I picked up several of the food ideas on Pinterest, check out The Boys Board.  After the fact, I realized I didn't take pictures of the scrumptious banana cupcakes I made... but the recipe came from Martha. The kids had a total blast & they are already making plans for the next party- it's not until December!! 

Love these ideas? (Hi-five) I hope you'll share them- but first please read my content & disclaimers.


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