Lego Man Love Applique (Free Download)

Since the boys latest infatuation is Lego minifigs and Valentines Day is just around the corner I came up with this simple design that can be tweaked for just about any occasion. Wanna make your own? Just right click & save the image below and print out.

Iron your fabrics (like reclaimed tshirts) to the fusible web ...
...and cut out the shapes.
Fuse the design onto a shirt and you're done. I always recommend finishing off your applique by machine stitching the raw edges or applying fabric paint.

I'm fairly certain that most mamas of boys will love this, if you know one- please share it! And if you're here thinking,"Man I wish I was crafty or knew how to do this." Worry not- In March we'll be kicking off the DIY-U: School of DIY for Crafting Misfits.We'll be covering the basics and how to's skills needed to do it yourself such as sewing, photography, embroidery, knitting. Through the series I hope to nuture that & share skills that will inspire others to start creating (with or without reclaimed materials) Jump on the mailing list (in the side bar) and you'll get dibs on the juicy details and guest list.

Oh and one last little thing, TrashN2Tees is not affiliated or endorsed by the Lego Group.


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