Ninjago Birthday Party: Green Ninja

I love planning birthday parties, seriously I do... except when they happen to fall dead in the middle of my busiest time of year and 4 days before Christmas. What generally happens here is I'll get the urge to start planning & crafting in Sept/October and by the time December rolls around my oldest is already onto something new. This year we decided on a Ninjago themed party by November he changed his mind & wanted an Angry Birds birthday. Needless to say- we celebrated the big 0-7 ninja style. I found inspiration from some great blogs like Craft Interrupted and naturally on Pinterest.
Invites were crafted up using photoshop. I printed them out onto sticker sheets, cut out, and applied directly onto a Ninjago battle card. (Since the boys weren't willing to sacrifice their own cards I picked up a small lot on Ebay)

 The kids enjoyed pizza at the "kotatsu" which, between you and I, is just my coffee table covered in brown paper bags with kanji drawn on it. The symbols represented words like warrior, air, water, fire, ninja etc. Sam and some of the other guests are already reading so beneath each symbol I wrote the word. We  chowed down on pizza, rice krispy sushi, a "Great Devour" snake, and decorated fortune cookies. Each received a personalized headband, origami ninja stars (which I painstakingly folded), and the skeleton treats picture up top.
Besides decorating the fortune cookies (using colored chocolate & sprinkles) I wrangled up some villans for the ninjas to battle- cardboard boxes... the possibilities are endless. In total there were 10 of these, the best part (according to my boys) is stacking them up and knocking them down with their spinjitzu. 

We had the most incredible cake made by Maria from Babycakes. It not only looks amazing, right? but it was delicious too. If you're in the Lehigh Valley area don't think twice about calling her for your cakery needs. Tell her I sent you too! (If you need more info on Maria, please drop me a line!)

Here are the highlights and how to's from previous birthdays: 


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