To Infinity and Beyond

So here we are, April 30th. The day was spent celebrating my little guys 2nd birthday, but today also bringing an end to the Earth Day Webbernet Event: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, RECREATE!
I want to thank all of my sponsors and contributors for joining the fun and I hope that we were able to encourage and inspire you to do something more with your trash! I had a lot of fun sharing new ideas and making new friends, I hope that you'll continue to come by and join along for the adventures and behind the scenes look of the handmade recycling tshirt mania at TrashN2Tees. Do you have a favorite post or idea from the month long event- have you tried anything new? I'd love to know.

I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm a reuser. Here are some of the party decorations I reused from T first birthday (theme: balls/circles) this years theme Buzz Lightyear! The garland was made using construction paper circles and random string- when its not being used for birthday celebrations its hanging in my bright studio. I also used Toy Story costumes and toys to decorate for the pizza party. (Pizza Planet anyone?) You might have noticed that I reused the #1 candle too... no good reason other than I forgot to pick up a new candle. whoopsie!

I purchased a whole box of playground balls for party favors and games last year but had some left over. Some were hung from the trees as planets and the others were used to play Planet Toss. (tossing the balls into a bin) 
We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with friends outdoors- it was a simple gathering but I know everyone had fun. The kids left with space age squirt guns and a note that said, "Thanks for coming to my party Space Ranger!"


  1. so cute! my 4 year old was totally obsessed with toy story. his bday in january included a cake that depicted the beginning scene where buzz lifts the train up from the ravine. you had such great ideas!


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