Benefits of Artistic Collaborations: Etsy and otherswise

Ashley G Series

Did you ever notice all the things that come in two's? Two shoelaces, two eggs, two shoes to go with the two shoelaces, two of a kind, two weeks notice, two tires on a bike, two for the price of one, a pair of knitting needles, a pair of chopsticks. Two heads are better than one they say, and I'm here to tell you that sometimes I agree.
trashn2tees/heartland dreams collab

I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a few talented artists who create in a variety of different medias. I really enjoy the challenge and fellowship of collaborations and wanted to share the all of the great benefits to boot.
  • more exposure and cross promotion: whether your collaborating with someone who has the same target market or not- by working together and cross promoting your getting your product and brand out there to new faces (and potential customers)
  • building relationships: I've been fortunate enough to build some strong personal friendships as a result of some of different collective efforts, these are people whom I go to for support and suggestions. 
  • challenge yourself: exchanging ideas, concepts, designs with someone else can help get you out of "design block" inspire your current project but I also think that you can learn a lot about your self and continue to grow as an artist.
  • networking: this kind of goes hand and hand with exposure and relationships- but you'll find that other people who admire your work may approach you about collaborating on a future project 
  • learn something: I'm a lover of all things handmade, and I am extremely curious and interested in the processes of others designs- collabs are a great way for you to learn the ins and outs of other arts.

Polarity/yaelfran Collab on Etsy
 Each and everytime I work with someone else on a design, being a custom order or artistic collaboration, I think that it opens up a doorway to new ideas that may have never been tapped otherwise. I'd love to hear about any of your collaboration experiences.  

I enjoy being given a certain amount of freedom in order to interpret or to come up with stuff, but I do enjoy collaboration. I seek and thrive on projects where I am going to learn from the people I'm working with.” -Will Kemp 


  1. You make a great case for collaboration, TNT. I was hoping you'd post pictures of the results of your most recent collaborations.

    Also, what advice would you give me on this: I had wanted to approach a seller about crosspromoting her headband, which would make a great match with my slip dress. But as I read her profile and perused her well-stocked store, I was intimidated by how established she is. I am a newbie awaiting my first sale. What could she possibly gain from my measly mention of her item?

  2. Hey Scrollwork! Thanks so much for coming by and enjoying my post. Unfortunately I had a computer melt down earlier this week and lost the majority of my gallery. The hamburger/fries tshirt collab was one of my projects (TNTees is short for Trashn2Tees) I've also worked with Pipers Closet and coordinated a tshirt to match cloth diapers. I'm in kahootz with Mandy from Waste Not Recycled Art designing her tshirts with her logo and shes creating custom photo blocks with my past designs. I'll be using them at shows as a tangible way to display my past work. NatSmithIllustration finished up a custom piece for me in return for some of my shop items.

    Are you still reading along Scrollwork? This got to be a long response. I think there is nothing to lose by asking her. IMO she will probably be flattered that you want to share her item and she can especially benefit if your items are listed in separate categories. Don't forget just because shes so well established she started out as a newbie once before too. Even more so, the opportunity to pair an accessory with a pretty slip dress offers buyers the chance to visualize how it would look paired up with something else.

  3. I love this idea and am working on my own collaborations. This is definitely a worthwhile endeavor and can actually open your eyes/mind to a plethora of new creations. I am no knitter, so I asked a friend who has her own shop to knit me some sweaters for my outfits. And another friend does tie-dying and screenprinting, so asking her to make tiny versions of what she already does seem natural.

  4. I'm excited for you and your new collaboration Camelot- It's so fun to see some of your own ideas come to life (whether its by your own two hands or some one elses)Wishing you and your friend the best of luck- Link back to me when you get them available I'd love to have a look!

  5. Great post Jenelle- I agree that collaborations product amazing energy! It is like 1 plus 1 equals a thousand. I love that burger!

    xo- Cat :)

  6. Your so right Cat, I love the way you said it. 1+1= a thousand. Its a win win situation for both parties involved ten fold. Thank you so much for your kind words Catherine!

  7. Thanks for including my necklace colab with AshleyG.

    My advice to Scrollwork.... just ask. You'll never get it going if you don't even ask. It's possible that they won't be interested or even respond, but what if they are? You'd be so glad that you asked. I collaborate with another artist that I thought was way to big time for me. Turns out our relationship has been very beneficial for the both of us. Best of luck!

  8. Thanks, Jenelle and Chocolate and Steel! I'll just have to dive in, won't I? Brrr...but I'll be glad I did.


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