Fresh off the Scissors

Check out these great upcycled tshirt sleeve drawstring bags. They've got a ton of uses: 
-organize game pieces
-keep valuable jewelry safe while traveling
-pack a picnic and use it for dry snacks, utensils, and to keep napkins from blowing away!
-keep a small toy stash in your purse
-discreetly carry around your mama cloth or feminine products
-make up bag
-use as a wristlet on the go
-keep your coupons safe
-hang your garden bulbs
-reusable gift bag
-goody grab bags
-carry dog treats
-store nerf gun bullets
-first aid supplies
 dads tie. your bracelet. (silk)

I came back to add this: here are some embellished sleeve bags- I used them as gift bags for Sam's teacher gifts. (Inside are samplers of organic herbal teas)


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