What I learned today: Etsy Circles

I try to keep up with everything thats going down on Etsy, but I admit the circle thing... I wasn't really interested. I decided to take some time today to find out what its all about.
Heres what I found- if someone circles me: my new listings favorites and treasuries created are fed into their activity as well as anyone I add into my own circle. Basically adding someone to your circle you are saying is," Duuuuude! I dig your style" which translates into I really like all the cool things you find and want to see more.

As a seller its beneficial:
-circles are a great insight for whats trending/what people are interested in
-help you improve your pictures (you see first hand what entices others and whats inticing you to click or heart as well)
-the more people who circle your shop the more feeds are filling w/ your items- treasuries- etc. you could be a dang gone trendsetter.

As a buyer its even more beneficial...its basically curating a list of stuff that you'd be interested in buying, with out having to search! If your circling people with interesting stuff and interesting taste- your going to get interesting stuff popping up in your feed.
On the Etsy Forums moonmothpress summed it up best:  
add shop to your favorites: you like what's in the shop

add item to your favorites: you like that item

add to your circle: alerts you to user's new favorites and treasuries (you like their taste)

being added to someone's circle: alerts them to your new favorites and treasuries (they like your taste)

subscribe to feed: alerts you to new shop listings from that shop
 Tomorrow, I vow to give circling a second chance.


  1. The joy of circling has recently come into my life as well. I find it helpful for gift giving as well. I can look at my dear friend Karen's circle and pick out a gift from it. It's like a registry without the pressure and the 'They already knew what they we're getting' part.


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