May The Fourth Be With You

We're less than a week away from a birthday celebration here, with crafting crunch-time is in full swing. After seeing the cutest circus themed finds at Michaels I tried hard to convince him that it'd be the coolest party yet. Come on animals wearing party hats, bright stripes, and pop corn machines!? That's a good time. He doesn't agree & will do nothing less than use his Jedi powers to change my mind.

Instead? You might've guessed it. Lego Star Wars took over. I'll try to post up some of the progress as I go. Yesterday we grabbed all of the green and blue bubble wands we could find and using black & silver Duck Tape (and one red Sharpie) we transformed them into light sabers.

Ha, yes! Great idea until... There was an epic battle in my living room and 2 casualties. My yellow area rug sopping wet with bubble juice and 1 broken saber.

Countdown until the party... 10 days. (WHAAT?!)  Sewing cloaks now. Well, I mean after I hit publish. Why do I do this to myself? Do you ever wait until the last minute to line out party details too?


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