Unplug & Talk to Strangers

I spend far too much time in front of the computer screen. I tell myself that it's necessary because I run an online business, because I need to edit photos, respond to emails, write copy, renew listings, or publish a blog post. And when I'm away from the laptop or sewing machine I am guilty of instagraming and tweeting from the park bench. Even when I'm unplugged, sometimes I'm not.

I'm guilty, and I feel it today. (and other days too)

Like last month when I attended the Hello Etsy event at Pratt Institute. There I was in room full of outstanding, thought provoking, and inspiring people. These are the types of folks I want to mind meld with- they are makers, tinkerers, thinkers, and world renown speakers: all within reach- all changing the world in their own unique ways. Imagine how disappointed I was in between workshops to find half the audience buried into their gadgets possibly (and probably) engaging online but totally missing out on the 'real' connections.

I love meeting new people... anywhere. Widening social interactions, having new and engaging conversations, making a human connection with someone; all that can add so much to "your" world and maybe someone else's too. And when we allow ourselves to set down the iphone, unplug from our gadgets, it begins with a warm friendly smile.

When is the last time you really unplugged & talked to strangers? Where were you & how did it make you feel? Did you learn something new, make a connection, or were you completely ignored?

Today and every day make a point of unplugging even for 30 minutes and meet someone new. Mentors are everywhere.


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