What'll it be?

This Friday is the deadline for placing custom orders for in time for the holidays- yes, I realize it's only the first week in November. I'm trying to stream line the holiday madness here while writing my upcoming book with C&T Publishing. I love collaborating with customers so much that I actually go through withdraw.

If you've ever wanted to see your idea come to life in TrashN2Tees form- here's your chance! Every Wednesday I'll be posting a blank shirt to my facebook wall- it's up to you to comment with the design you think would be best! (It can be old, new, or 130% made up!) Each week I'll announce the top 3 choices and we'll put it to vote and then when its all finished I'll post it up here on the blog.

This weeks Top 3 design ideas were: 
Pirate Ship - Mary J. 
Happy Kale - Deanna M. 

Sailor Jerry Inspired Swallow - Jennifer W.

 and the finished design...

Be sure to join the fun next week on TrashN2Tees Facebook Page.


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