Earth Science & Life Lessons: I am #boldbrilliantbeautiful

Photo: Colleen Attara Studio
How often to you celebrate your awesomesauce? If you're anything like myself of the rest of the worlds population (with the exception of my friend Luke Haynes- who regularly celebrates himself by putting his face on crazy awesome quilts) I'd go out on the limb to say not often enough.

Last month I told you about some things that happened in my life- things that I've been put up against and overcome. That stuff that's usually tucked up your sleeve and hidden away in closet somewhere. I was overwhelmed by the thoughtful, caring, and inspirational comments and support. Thank you for allowing me that space to share my journey and process. I use process because if we look at our lives the way we look at nature you'll find something interesting. Remembering that I was an Environmental Science major it shouldn't come as a surprise that I look at things in life cycles. For example, sand must be exposed to extreme heat to transform into molten glass. Coal must undergo extreme heat and pressure to be turned into diamond. An object is turned into something else that is of greater use and value. I strive to be of greater use and value tomorrow than I am today- and everyday there after. 

Today grateful for the chance to share with you what and who I am today.

I am 5'8"

I am Italian, my family The Monteleon's derived from Bologna, Italy.

I was born & raised a Jersey Girl... minus the big hair, accent, and bling. 

I will not confirm or deny ties family ties to the mafia.

I am the oldest of 3 girls. 

I am an Aunt to 16 nieces and nephews. 

I am an Aquarius.

I am a wild soul.

I am a boy mom x2

I am as fierce as any mama bear you might encounter

I am blessed... 
and thankful for every single breathe and moment I share with them.

I am doing the best that I can. 

I step on a lot of Legos. (Is it ever acceptable to suck them up in the vacuum?) 

I am their #1 fan. 

I am a Soccer Mom. 

I am an art collector- sometimes it's on my walls permanently... if you know what I mean. 

I am lucky.

I am supported by friends and family. 

I am loved.

I am always up to something. My brain works like a chaotic hot mess of spit fire balls zooming around- I catch what I can and write it down. 

I mastermind in notebooks using pen & paper the "old fashion" way.

I am a morning person- I do my best thinking between 3am - Noon. (Eastern Standard Time in case you ever have to call me.) And its 5:23am as I type this. 

I sew more than I clean house. Come check out my studio space

I believe all waste has value. 

I am a saver of things I think I might use. Reread the part about the hot mess brain & ideas & waste having value. Like the time I turned a sewing machine into a planter.

I am a wanderluster. 

I sometimes make up my own words. 

I am a trend setter. Wear more macaroni necklaces!! 

I am a mentor and mentoree. Read: Each One Teach One 

I am an author.

I am an award winning small business owner. 

I am "an innovator to watch" - The NYER says so. 

I am a collaborator.  

I am a maker, baker, but never a candle stick maker. 

I am not afraid to fail. 

I am net worker.

I am bold..

I am a "sweet and light" coffee drinker. Preferably French Vanilla flavored. 

I am a lover of outlaw country music, Eminem, and New Found Glory.

I am a truck driver. My first truck was a 79 Ford F-150 and I worked on it that means

I am kinda a mechanic too. 

I am always learning something new. 

I am a thrift store junkie.  

I am totally a meat & potatoes kind of gal. AKA: I'm a potential vegetarian who can't give up steak. 

I am an athlete. I play co-ed basketball and football weekly. 

I am inked.

I am right where I need to be.

I am the same person offline you meet online. Maybe a little taller. 

I am a collector of all things that make me smile. 

I have unique genius.

I make play dates with adventure. 

I am beautiful. (Anyone else have a hard time saying that out loud?) 

The #boldbrilliantbeautiful movement is a community of amazing woman who are making a vow to support, inspire, and empower ourselves and others to be bold and step out from behind the lens, projects, and mama status to show real ourselves. We're doing something just for us. I am, You Are, We Are Enough. Will you join us?

Let everyone know you're joining in by sharing an "I AM"  photo of yourself or your own list- using the hashtag #boldbrilliantbeautiful on Instagram and Twitter or join us on Facebook. Search the hashtag and visit these blogs to find other women like you, looking to make 2014 their best, most authentic year yet!


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