Studio Spotlight

All week long some amazing and talented woman have been inviting us inside their creative spaces all a part of the Studio Spotlight series hosted by Jennifer of Ellison Lane and Heather over at The Sewing Loft. Today we're trekking to the 3rd floor of my home studio here in Eastern cost of Pennsylvania, where all the magic happens. Not that kind of magic. The creative kind.
 In case you have to catch your breath at the top of the stairs, this might be your view. Now would be a good time to warn you, there is really no method to my madness. I store things in clear totes (lots of totes!) I have multiple hanger racks for finished garments, but I also live by the "organized pile" storage method as well. So away we go...
At the top of my steps you're greeted by my vintage wire dress form by Dritz. Sadly she's nameless- but she really is my double. The 'cage' is put onto your own body and fitted by pinching the metal, it's a two person job. Take a look at the Dritz My Double instruction manual! This dress form belonged to my grandmother-in-law and not too many changes had to be made when I fitted it to myself. That leads me to believe that Bootsie was 1) one hot mama and 2) hadn't used it in a long time.
Looking straight ahead, oy vey! You get your first glimpse at an overflowing tote of clothing- and for those of you who are just being introduced to TrashN2Tees, it's important that you know that I design clothing & accessories using only 100% reclaimed materials. If I had to guess there is no less than 700 lbs of clothing stashed around the studio today. The rack you see, those are all blanks. I have a walk in closet that homes all finished tees. Turning to your right...
My computer space. Nothing fancy, but if you squint your eyeballs ever so slightly or, in my case, stop being lazy and put on your glasses you might be able to read the notes for my "All Waste Has Value" presentation.
The other side of the studio space is where I get busy. I have everything set up in a U shape, if I had a rolling chair I'd never have to get up again! (Oh look more totes!) Out the back window there you can see into my my yard, the spot where my roses bushes used to grow... before they were stolen (true story), neighbors yard, a tree, an alley way, and really pretty steeples from the church. Pretend you're going to turn right here... that's where my walk in closet is. 
The necessities, ya know. My Bernina B350 PE, multiple cutting mats, scissors, acrylic rulers, and a vintage tomato for good measure. I have a motley crue of thread, in fact I might be a hoarder of thread. I'll let you be the judge: 
As you may have noticed, my two little boys are always welcome here in the studio. Their little creations and company are a constant reminder for me on how truly blessed I am. Did you happen to notice the light saber in an earlier picture? 
 Semi organized shelving over here- this would be the place you'll find any misc. craft supplies. I know there's a dremel with case, tons of notebooks (blank & filled with genius ideas), embroidery floss, every stinking type of glue you can image, block printing supplies, sewing patterns, stamps, fabric markers, paints, extra packaging supplies, batting, interfacing, jewelry making supplies, oh and I can't forget buttons! 
There are so many nooks and crannies stuffed with inspiration and love here in the studio, these are just a few. My dear friend Colleen reminds me to relax and spreads joy with her recycled art, gifts from friends and family, handwritten notes of encouragement, and one of kind works of art on my walls. Plus illustrations, fabric scraps, snapshots, and snail mail from creatives around the world. 

Did you know TrashN2Tees was started humbly sewing on my kitchen table? The counter top in our old home is scarred from a hot iron incident too. Tell me more about the places where you create and I'm curious to know one 'tool' you couldn't live without.


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