Playful Learning Around the World

Wrapping up week one of world wide travel on the #PlayfulTour lands you right here, in the TrashN2Tees studio based out of Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. Today I'm sharing the blog with my two boys, Sam (age 7) and Tristen (age 4) All month long we'll be learning about the similarities & differences of how
families play globally- today is our chance to talk about learning and playing as a family in our home town.

Where do you live? 

Sam: In a house, in Pennsylvania.We used to live in a house in Kentucky, too. 

Tristen: In this house!! 

Side note from Mom: Our little town is also home to Crayola and America's Longest Continuous Running Open-Air Market. Visiting the downtown area has become a weekly adventure for us whether we're sampling home grown local sweets or supporting the amazing variety of artisan shops.

What season is it here now? 

Sam: It definitely has to be summer. (Why? I asked.) Because in summer no one goes to school. 

Tristen: It's Friday.

What is your favorite way to play?

Sam: I like to play with my legos all day. I build all different kinds of stuff, mostly battle ships and I give them to (mom) and dad and stuff. 

Tristen: I like to play with my monster trucks and He-Man.

What do you like most about learning with friends?

Sam: I like playing badminton and pretending, we have a lot of different costumes. 

Tristen: My friend little Brad, I like to play Ninjago with him. He has full potential Zane!!

Can you tell us something special or different about where you live or games you play?

Sam: We live close to the Delaware River, I like to go there for fishing. I also collect rocks and find crayfish in the water at the park. 

We've learned that in Australia, it's winter and they don't really say g'day to their mates- but rather they just say "hi." (We say that here in America too!) Taking part in the tour, working with Mariah, and connecting with this amazing community has been so much fun. I know it's helping my boys to build leadership skills, awaken creativity, and inspire a love of discovery while meeting new friends from all over the globe. I invite your family to get involved! Meet new friends by searching and sharing the #PlayfulTour tag on Instagram or Twitter. Sign up any of the Playful Learning Ecademy classes, print out your Playful Passports, and come on tour with us!

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