TrashN2Tees Takes Times Square

I have a confession to make, last week was a whole feverish frenzy as I prepared for my New York City fashion show debut in Times Square- I'm still in recovery mode, but there's enough coffee in my system for a blog post recap.

Designer Karina Kallio, KallioNYC

My fashion show experience as a designer (or any other form) is... well.  I once went to a screen call for a Band-Aid commercial as a little girl and then there was that time I send some TrashN2Tees fashion to the Yono Fashion Show in Louisville. Luckily one of the first people I met in Times Square was Karina Kallio of KALLIO.  She is an amazing, generous, and sweet visionary. We're totally friends. Karina worked hard behind the scenes coordinating kid models and helping me stay confident and comfortable in an environment that could easily be overwhelming (and chaotic!) I'm so grateful.

photo credit: colin/

Sunday's Times Square Fashion Show event was part of the 25th Annual EcoFest and sponsored in part by Manufacture New York. The showcase included 20 eco designers ranging from swimwear, accessories, couture, mens, womans, and kids. I fell in love with these handcrafted shoes from BHAVA. There are tweed styles coming- you'll not be disappointed! In addition to spotting some amazing products, meeting other designers, and hanging out with the models; we had beautiful weather! I love connecting the dots and creating conversations at any event- I'm excited about the ones that are continuing and can't wait to share more details on future upcoming NYC events for TrashN2Tees and myself.

Indeed there was a bit of chaos between constant changes to set up, line up, racks moving, tight spaces all amid the bustling passersbyers and stinky exhaust of sewage- but I had an amazing time. I spent a few hours getting to know Beth Pilger over a few glasses of wine after the show. I'm excited to view her newest collection during Fashion Week. (I'm going!) My phone had died earlier in the day and desperate to call the boys (who you might have guessed: requested me to stop and visit the Lego Store!) I asked a fellow subway sitter if I might borrow her charger. And before leaving NYC I had a chance to learn about beautiful Megan, a passionate 2nd grade teacher from Albany, NY who without hesitation helped out a stranger. Thank you!

For more photographs from the event check out TrashN2Tees album and Epoch Snaps


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