Call me the Hamburgerler

Infinity Tank Top/ Etsy
 Ever since the warm weather hit & grills everywhere have been fired up- I can only think about eating hamburgers. I have no idea what kind of twisted craving this is, but maybe it started when I tasted my first In And Out Burger in Ventura, California last April. Not only did I enjoy my burger "animal style" (did you know In and Out Burger has their own secret menu?) but I also dined at the Best Burger Joint in Ventura- The Hook. Back here on the East Coast we're pretty proud of our hot dogs (Hotdog Johnny's and Toby's are legendary) and pizza- but I will tell you Jake's Wayback is delish and Buffalo Wild Wings Black Bean Burger- Yummo.

With burgers on the brain- I share with you these awesome finds.


Dieters Downfall/ Big Mac Burger

Lostinthepancakes/ Etsy

The Sock Guy/ Hamburger Time!
TrashN2Tees/Heartland Dreams   


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