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A little over a year ago- I had the opportunity to head into Brooklyn for a Hello Etsy event at Pratt Institute. I'm sitting here shifting through the blog in hope that I might've mentioned it, or maybe even given a full recap. But naturally I didn't. The entire 2 day event was aimed at empowering independent, creatives to explore new methods of production, new patterns of consumption, and more lasting and purposeful ways of working. It was about building the creative economy of the future — one that is connected, human-scaled, joyful, and long lasting.

It was amazing, insightful, and you guessed it... inspiring.

Reminiscing about my time there I'm beginning to laugh at the ridiculous way I transformed from a polished creative entrepreneur into a total fan girl. Complete with shuddering and stammering- and worrying about what I'm wearing.

Heather and I visiting Colleen Attara Studio
Last week, Heather of April Heather Art wrote some very sweet things about me- it's a fun cycle when someone you love and admire proclaims to the world that she thinks you're inspiring. *Always surround yourself with people like this, not only is it good company but they'll be the first ones who support you in any of those crazy ideas! She asked me to share someone who inspires me in a blog post this week. That's how these blog hops go, right?

Now I've had my fair share of rubbing elbows with important folks at round tables, conferences, or runways. But while in Brooklyn I had the chance to meet Majora Carter- an environmental activist whose first TED talk can be seen below or click this link Majora Carter Urban Renewal TEDTalk:

Ever since then I've followed Majora, inspired by her determination and ideas of making change right in her community. Her passion to redefine the accepted ways. There I was after her talk, waiting for a chance to thank her for being such an inspiration, and making sure someone was nearby to capture this epic moment on camera. As she reached out for a handshake I jumped right in for a hug. I went on and on about how amazing I thought she was, about the time she put Al Gore in his place, and yes of course I slipped her my card! Oh, and Rebecca was sure to catch a picture for me too! (She doesn't look freaked out, does she?)

Jenelle Montilone, TrashN2Tees with Majora Carter

Who has inspired you?


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