Scrappy T-shirt Rope Vase Tutorial

You'll need: 
1 Glass or Plastic Bottle
20 feet of continuous T-shirt Yarn
5 Hot Glue Sticks (and the gun to use them!)

There are so many ways out there to create t-shirt yarn- and if you haven't given it a try yet... well, what are you waiting for? Here are a few tips for cutting your own continuous yarn that can be used for making a t-shirt vase, wash clothes, macrame, or any crochet project you can dream up. In my previous post I talked about using t-shirt that do not have side seam. Today I'm sharing the trick to making a continuous length using scrappy strips or shirts with a side seam.

1. I created a single strand of t-shirt yarn using a series of slip knots from short scrappy strips. After cutting all of your strips to desired width and length- make a small snip cut on both ends.

2. With 2 strips at hand, take one strip (strip #1) and pass it through the other (strip #2)

3. Next take the beginning end  of strip 1 and feed it through the opposite end of strip 1 and pull tight

Once you have your strips all pieced together cut it into 2 equal parts. You'll need approximately 20 feet of yarn total. Each strand once split will be 10 feet.

Make a dime sized blot of hot glue on the bottom edge of your bottle, adhere both raw edges to the bottle. Begin twisting the double strands together, tacking to the bottle ever 1'' or sew with glue to hold its place. Continue wrapping until you reach the top of the bottle.


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