Woven Wall Hanging Tutorial

Last month I shared two ways to create t-shirt yarn, the continuous cut from 1 shirt and the second way shows you how to take all the scrappy bits and piece them together without bulky knots. Woven wall hangings seem to be trending every where and I was inspired by this post on the Etsy blog to create my very own using t-shirt scraps.

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 You'll need:
Cardboard Square (the size you use will determine the size of your finished product)
Safety Pin
Popsicle Stick
T-shirt Yarn
Beads, Leather, Other crafty stuff optional  

Get started by creating a loom with the cardboard and twine. I wrapped about 3 yards of continuous scrappy yarn onto the popsicle stick so that I could easily weave the yarn between the twine.

 I opted to use a bulky (wider cut) maroon t-shirt yarn for the fringe (aka is Rya) You'll need to cut them into 4'' lengths and create a U shape. When I was all finished I came back and trimmed back the length then added gold fabric paint to the ends.
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