Throwing a DIY Retro Superhero Party

Alright folks, I don't know how I managed to let this epic super hero party post slip by the way side- but here it is! Fiiiiiinally- I mean, the party *just* happened in May.

I drew out a large city scape background onto a flat sheet of cardboard and painted it using Martha Stewart paints- this served as the backdrop for a photo booth. We had a mixture of fun bought props from Ginger Ray but also included capes made out of t-shirts and personalized cuffs.  The kids were all encouraged to come dressed as their favorite super heroes (and they did!) but we also had a trunk full to share.

Fun finger foods were spread out:
Two Faced Cookie Pop = black/white Oreo cookies on a stick
Thors Hammer = pretzel sticks and oversized marshmallows
Hulkabobs = green grapes on a skewer stick
Kryptonite Crunch = candied popcorn (Here's the recipe!)
Invisibility Serum = Clear water in bottle

We had both cupcakes and a personal custom cake made for T- which featured the Human Torch (a super hero from the Fantastic Four) from my friend Maria at Babycakes. (If you're in my hood I will absolutely hook you up with ordering information as she doesn't currently have a website)

Throughout the party we played games that included a scavenger hunt for villains (hide action figure bad guys and all the super heroes have to capture them!) and a fun relay (split up into teams) to wrap up some pretend criminals with paper streamers.
 The kids all had a blast and Tristen was completely surprised, I forgot to mention- he had no idea we were having a party! It was a surprise!! You can even catch some more photos on instagram #BoyHeroParty or here. Party printables were purchased from LeeLaaLoo.

Star Wars Themed Party + Printable (2013)


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