Kids Cuff Upcycled Tshirt Tutorial

What you need:
Rotary Cutter/ Scissors 
Steam a Seam or Pellon fusible webbing 
Tshirt scraps (I used 1 tshirt sleeve & the initial cut from another shirt) 
Sewing machine or needle + thread
10 minutes or less 
1. Cut through both layers of sleeve creating a long rectangle.
2. Sew 2 rectangles together + fuse initial onto center of rectangle (be sure to follow directions)
3. Fold rectangle in half & sew ends together- (serge or zig zag stitch if you prefer) 
And you're finished!

a few tips:
Instead of fusing applique on to cuff you can sew down for more durability.  
For a super fast project, just cut  few inches off the end of sleeve & hand sew or use fabric markers to add design.  (as seen with the purple "e" cuff) 
6" measurement works well for 4-6 y I had to make the cuff a little smaller for my 3y.

I think this is a great project for birthday party favors or costumes and is the perfect scrap buster project.  They boys are really excited about the Ninjago marathon going on this weekend and I whipped up a few of these in a matter of minutes. What will you be putting on your tee cuffs?

Don't forget to upload your latest upcycled creations to the <create change> flickr pool- A movement to change the way we consume & create. Hope to see you there! 


  1. This is such a cute idea! I follow you through my personal blog (Revolutionaries), but I also write for Every month we do a Green Crafts Showcase for projects like this that upcycle/recycle. You should share it there!! :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

    1. Heya Bonnie! Thank you- I will definitely drop by your blog & Happy Saturday to you!


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