6 Ways to Get Back In the Moment


Here we are almost through the month of July... Where     did     the     summer     go? I've been working extremely hard on laying down the fundamentals for the Create Change App Kickstarter & Pledge event in November, rebranding TrashN2Tees (what do you think?) , networking, sewing and to be honest there have been moments when I had to catch myself and get a reality check.

When I sat down to write this blog post I was going to talk about how I sometimes feel the need to disconnect to reconnect.

 Like taking a break, 
                             and soaking up a moment.

You might feel this discombobulation when you're under stress, looking for answers, sleepy, grumpy, creatively blocked, burning dinners regularly, and overall being an under productive human being. Have you ever felt like this?

I make every effort to live my life .in. the. moment. It doesn't always come with balance, sometimes I have to remind myself with a nudge, kick, or push of the cliff shove. Here are 6 ways I get back in "the moment": 

1. Be Grateful.

2. Focus on what is in front of you. 
Right now there are eruptions of laughter and the thumping footsteps of giant scary monsters just a room away.  

3. Acknowledge & Release. 
Dwelling on an emotion is never healthy, alas we've all done it. Recognize it, give it a name, and let it go.

4. Emerse yourself in conversation. 
Just listen. Intently.

5. Remember to breathe. 

6. Repeat your mantra. 
Remember that you're awesome. You have unique genius- and you do it better than anyone else can. 

I really think its easy to go through the motions, get caught up in plans & chasing dreams- but I don't want anyone missing out on right. now. because truely those are the only moments you can live in. 
I can type this with such conviction and yet I sometimes find myself off kilter & out of wack. I hope you'll share your tips for un-funking, re-centering, and being in the moment in the comments below. Unless you care to tell me what you're smelling right now... that might be fun too.


  1. move. I walk on woods-y trail near my house, and it sends my mind somewhere else. Without willing it, I get into meditation, and it's like hitting the "reset" button.

    lower the expectations. We all have worlds to move, and sometimes--it's just not going to happen today. Go easy. And when you look back, you'll see that you really did shift it a little.

    1. I love that you mention lowering your expectations, you don't have to be super woman every day! Thanks Lori-Ann!

  2. Haha, this post is great! Right now I'm smelling hot doggy breath waiting for me to take him outside to play, which is one of my everyday de-stressers- good ol nature and pet time! I love all your tips! -jena

    1. Jena, wet slobbery dog kisses should've made this list! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Smelling buckets of wet rain....making me want to curl up with the mystery book I cannot stop thinking about. And a few doggies too, that are very afraid of thunder.

    Picked up 400 flowers today made from scrap signage. Spent hours figuring out adhesives... a friendly yet reliable one.

    I think I deserve a few pages of a good book...

    Love this post...my favorite.


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