Love Wildly: A Bohemian Bridal Shower

Picture Heavy Post, consider yourself warned. 

We gathered as friends and family to celebrate my best friend, Cheyenne, on her upcoming wedding. A mid-summer morning bohemian garden party hosted by the bridal party. Even though it's been days since I keep coming back to the photographs reliving the day in all it's beauty. Love Wildly, a fitting reminder for all of us. Francis Chen once said, "Because when you're wildly in love with someone, it changes everything." There were countless hours of work that went into this, as nearly every element was handcrafted and or sourced locally. I couldn't be happier with the end result and so grateful to everyone who helped make it happen- and who came out and celebrate Cheyenne and Brian!

As guests arrived they were welcomed and escorted out to the back yard and sun deck which had been decorated for the party. Each bridesmaid contributed to the decorations, we all brought meaningful elements to create this truly special space. Gifts and cards were placed inside a gorgeous tee pee in the back corner of the yard. You can find some of the DIY moments along the way on my instagram account @TrashN2Tees or following hashtag #MoHMcGuiver 

We had a few games ready to play including the ring game- I shared a tutorial to create these oversized DIY Diamond Ring beautes earlier this week on the blog. We also played What's In Your Cell Phone? game that I ordered and printed off from BlissfulSoiree on Etsy. But while the guests continued to arrive they visited our Wild Flower Bar- where you could create your very own floral arrangement.

The vases were odds & end bottles that we collected and painted, each one had a unique tag that was made of scrap paper, fabric, and feathers which said Love Wildly.

Another one of my favorite elements we DIY'ed for our bride was this large dream catcher. The girls and I had gotten together to weave it & hung scrap fabric and lace on the bottom. Each guest was asked to write a dream for our couple on a length of fabric. 

No party is complete without delicious vegan food. Falafel, hummus, fruit slaw salad, mint green bean salad, complete olive bar and of course there was cake. The cake was ordered without decoration and we added these fresh edible flowers. 


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