Stitch Your Own Trashn2Tees Designs: Why I'm giving away my work.

Cool Machine Embroidery For Boys
Years ago I would've fought you tooth and nail- if you told me what I was about to do. There is no way, no how I would've 'given away' my designs in any form. Different seasons of my life have brought upon their own challenges but nothing can ever compare to having the flexibility to stay/work from home and raise our family. Through it all I've managed carve out my own path straddling both the design/maker movement and staying true to my sustainability virtues. I'm doing (yet another) something I never dreamed of doing.

Exciting news... Today I'm launching a machine embroidery collection with OESD called Whippersnapper! You'll find some of your favorite TrashN2Tees designs that are now available for you to create in your own home on your personal embroidery machine. Zombies! Geeky Foxes! Lumberjacks! All of those and more. The OESD crew did a fantastic job recreating my top selling designs and helping me bring something a little extra. The 33 designs were created and digitized to be stitched out on upcycled t-shirt scraps or jersey knit fabric continuing our growing movement to change the way we consume and create.

But wait it gets even better. If you've ever thought about starting your own work from home business but weren't sure where to start- this collection is licensed for personal and small scale use. Please be sure to read the agreement! You could dip your toe into the world of machine embroidery with the same machine I use or go big & make a production of it with BERNINA's prosumer E-16.  It's a dream to be able to empower you with the ability to create a business of your own growing on the foundation and examples that I've set forth. I hope that together we're able to not only outfit our youngsters & adults alike but also bring more focus on ways that we can creatively reuse. 


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